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NEW! Country Garden Stakes~ 6-9-98!

Welcome to 'Autumn Frost Farm'! What would Springtime be without changes, and we are changing along with it! And lets face it, im a "Fall" person at heart, and so I searched the web for every 'fall' gif I could find! And with all of the rain we've had here in 'sunny' California, it certainly feels more like fall than summer!

The amount of mail ive recieved concerning patterns that have already been painted, tells me that I need to make a few changes here! So I will be in the process of putting painted items on my site, and that way, you can purchase the item already finished and ready to enjoy! For those of you who still want patterns, you can still purchase the pattern, unless its not mine! I will indicate my own creations at the bottom of the photograph in the description- otherwise, its a pattern that came from a book, etc., and I cant sell it as my own.

Since Spring is in the air, well, Summer, actually! All of us are thinking about gardening, barbecues, family get-togethers, and of course that great summer holiday...4th of July! So as i sit down at my painting table, I will keep all of these things in mind- and take a look at our new 'Country Garden Stakes' section! As the seasons come, i'll be adding seasonal stakes as well. :o)

leaf-a.gif There is also a new section on 'Brushstrokes and Tips' - and in the near future, I hope to add a new 'Autumn Frost Newsletter', so if you have anything you would like to add to either of these, feel free to e-mail me with your suggestions!

I also hope that you'll take a peek at Decorative Woodcrafts magazine's 'Collectible Country Ornaments' magazine, coming out at Summer's end. I have 3 new Christmas ornaments being published in there! A sweet Victorian Home at Christmastime, complete with carolers, a Santa with a reindeer who had a big spill in a string of Christmas lights, and a Christmas tree with a cute little train around the base, an Old Fashioned Christmas, to be sure!

Expect some changes every now and again, so if my site is down, you'll know there are new things being put online!~ I hope you enjoy your visit to 'Autumn Frost Farm', grab a cup of coffee, get comfy in your computer chair, and lets get going!

    m-pum.gif Country Welcome Signs

    m-pum.gif Country Spring -NEW!

    m-pum.gif Country Garden Stakes -NEW!

'Winter Wonderland' and 'Country Christmas' coming in Sept. 98


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