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Autumn Frost-Country Garden Stakes
'Country Garden Stakes'


There's nothing like garden stakes to liven up a Springtime garden! And there is even a garden stake to feed the birds, as well! Try one~ they will add a little bit of country charm to your home, and give your guests a cheery welcome, too!

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Bunstk.jpg A cute little gardening bunny, in her floral dress and white pinafore, she even has an adorable straw hat, brimming with flowers! She's carrying a fresh flower from her garden, and there is also a garland of flowers and leaves, running down the length of the garden stake. Available in Country Blue and Mauve, or Hunter Green. Special color combos available. Her sign reads,'Somebunny's Garden'. The stake measures 48 inches tall, and the price is 18.00 + 2.00 s/h.

bhstake.jpg Here's a cute little garden stake, and this one is for the birds! A little birdhouse, and a box painted to look like gingham, it even comes complete with a bag of sunflower seeds for your little garden friends! The bottom of the box is screened, for easy cleaning, and there are sunflowers, leaves, and a bee running down the length of the garden stake. The box reads, 'Today's Menu: Sunflower Seeds!',and measures 48 inches tall. Available in Barn Red (shown), Country Blue, Hunter Green, or your choice of colors. Price is 18.00 + 2.00 s/h.

hivestk.jpg Bees in the garden...just what we need! But these bees will be fine~ thier 'buzz' is worse than thier bite! A cute little hive with a plaid design, and a heartshaped doorway, there are painted bees buzzing around the hive, and a garland of bees running down the garden stake. The sign reads,' Time Bee-gan in the Garden'. It measures 48 inches tall, and is available in Honey Yellow only. Price is 18.00 + 2.00 s/h.

gstake.jpg If you have a large garden, or like me, several! Try all 3 garden stakes~ special price is 48.00 for all 3, plus 5.00 s/h.

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